The Passion

Last Friday my wife and I finally got around to watching The Passion of The Christ. We have owned the movie since it came out on DVD in 2004 but it sat in the case waiting until now to be watched. Every year my wife and I would say, “this Lent we will watch it,”Continue reading “The Passion”

Saying Goodbye to our Parish

A week or so ago I talked about writing a letter to the Bishop. I decided that I would not post that letter, instead I decided I would post the letter that we wrote to our priest and the pastoral administrator about our decision to leave the parish. Dear Father ######### and Mrs. ######## (pastoralContinue reading “Saying Goodbye to our Parish”

A letter to the Bishop.

Well post #3 on my new blog and I am probably going to ruffle some feathers. That didn’t take long. If you don’t know already I live within the Diocese of Rochester. We are a troubled Diocese. If you have any doubt of that you only need read a few of the posts on CleansingContinue reading “A letter to the Bishop.”