Goodbye Goat, Hello Smoker

We made a decision and sold our remaining goat instead of trying to get him a companion. With the idea that we would switch back to milk goats. Also, we were surprised with the gift of a deer from our neighbour, so what do we do, we make some smoked jerky with a homemade smoker.Continue reading “Goodbye Goat, Hello Smoker”

Greenhouse Build Part 1

Among other things, we got started on our greenhouse. lots of chaos as we get things done around the house, which all the extra turmoil of having a new family member. Kate and I did a little hunting and might have spotted some new wildlife in our woods. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: Website: LivingContinue reading “Greenhouse Build Part 1”

The Great Pig Escape

We have had many adventures along the way, but this is our first time dealing with pigs, and as you might be expected no adventure is complete without pigs escaping. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: Website:

Let’s Try This Again, Pig Moving

This is our second attempt at moving out pigs over to the garden area. This worked a bit better than last time, but still not great. We are learning but learning slowly. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: YouTube:

Goat Splints Pig Chow and Moving Chickens

Just a quick update to let you know what has been going on over the last few days. With help from the kids we got the Chickens moved into their Henhouse the goat’s front leg splinted and, even the pgs seem to be happier with their food. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM:

Three Steps forward Two steps Back

Some days on the homestead are better than others. While today was a good day in many ways. We got several projects completed, we had family around, not only to help but visiting us and spending time with us, and really the rest of the homestead was running pretty smoothly, we had a setback thatContinue reading “Three Steps forward Two steps Back”

Surprise Animals

Sometimes you say to yourself, “We don’t need another animal.” and sometimes you answer yourself, “But we have this need that said animal could fill.” And you say again to yourself, “But you already have a lot on your plate.” Which of course you answer by saying, “True, but what could one or two moreContinue reading “Surprise Animals”

Saturday Morning Chores

As is quickly becoming the norm, we have a lot to do around the homestead on Saturday. So we bring you along and give you an update on our new-ish animals. If you have suggestions about the pigs, please leave a comment.. Information and basic idea for my Chicken Tractor came from: Facebook: INSTAGRAM:Continue reading “Saturday Morning Chores”

Paul Bunyan I am Not – or – Clearing For Pasture Part 1

We have a fair amount of land, but a lot of is wooded. While I don’t want to clear all of it, I do want to clear it out a little so some grass will grow out there and will be capable of supporting more animals. This was not the first tree we took, downContinue reading “Paul Bunyan I am Not – or – Clearing For Pasture Part 1”

Into the Chaos – PIGS!

As with most things in our life, things didn’t go 100% to plan. We started making a plan, and that plan fell apart so we made a new plan… wash, rinse, repeat. And yes, this weekend, despite everything I talk about at the beginning of the video, we got a couple of commercial pigs. ThereContinue reading “Into the Chaos – PIGS!”