7 Things you didn’t know Part 4

Westward expansion, the “wild west” settlers and “Indians” never really held any interest for me. During this time period about the only thing that excited me was the building of the trans continental railroad, there are some pretty interesting things there.

7 Things you didn’t know Part 3

Armed with this knowledge and a surprisingly small amount of knowledge of our solar system for kids who claimed to be scientists, we decided that the best way to help was to colonize Venus.

7 Things you didn’t know Part 2

We have lived in 5 different states, moved 7 times and owned 3 houses. We have a mortgage, bills to pay, a budget that we have to stick to, I have had a steady job for something upwards of 15 years. We have kids, (lots of them) we are raising sheep and chickens, and have two dogs and a cat and yet I still some times feel like it is not real,

7 Things you didn’t know Part 1

There was more to my dream than just being a pilot. A lot of people want to be a pilot when they “grow up.” I mean if you can scrape a couple thousand bucks together you can learn to fly. I wanted more than that.