A Mid Summer Night’s Dream


A Mid Summer Night’s Dream

This is the production of A Mid Summer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, that I produced for Flying Island Press a few years ago. The Flying Island Press site is going away and I didn’t want the hard work of all of the actors to be lost, so here it is again. I hope you enjoy it.

Click on the links below to hear the production:

Act 1 Scene 1
Act 1 Scene 2
Act 2 Scene 1
Act 2 Scene 2
Act 3 Scene 1
Act 3 Scene 2
Act 4 Scene 1
Act 4 Scene 2
Act 5 Scene 1

The Actors: (Not in any order)

Brand Gamblin
Veronica Giguere
Allison Gamblin
Indiana Jim
David Sobkowiak
Mark Kalita
Mildred Cady
Arlene Radasky
R. Taylor
Elaine Barrett
Laura Nicole
Philippa Ballantine
Scott Roche
Philip Carroll
Peter Katt
Ayoub Khote
Doc Coleman
Valina Cutler
Scott Roche
Richard Asplund 

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