Barely Controlled Chaos


Photo 2013-01-03 15.35.25 I have thoughts, and I usually write about them here. I share everything from my love of history to my, probably unhealthy, obsession with Star Trek. In between you will find reviews on books and moves, my thoughts about being Catholic, raising kids, our hobby farm, updates on my latest projects and much, much more.

Editorial Services

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I am a freelance editor who has worked with hundreds of stories. I have worked as an editor for Flying Island Press and am currently the assistant editor for Cast of Wonders. I offer two services Content Editing and Beta Reading.

Book Store I have several short stories and even an anthology or two that you can get, and they are all available right here in my own book store.

More About me

100_4956If you have not figure out that I am crazy you can find out more about me by visiting my about page.