Assassin’s Quest (GreatHites Classic)

Any dummy with a weapon can kill someone, but how many people do you know that can kill someone with a single finger, or a blade of grass, and never get caught, or better yet blame it on someone else.

Earth To Jenny

I am sorry Jenny, you had a very promising future here, but in the past month you seem to have been having trouble keeping your mind on your work. We can’t have that. As I said we are going to have to let you go. Please clean out your desk and leave before the end of business today.

Last Thursday

This was originally posted Jun 10th 2008 Download and listen to the Audio version of Last Thursday and when you do, hear the promo for Variant Frequencies This prompt Comes from The News From Poughkeepsie From Mur LaffertyScenes Thursdays: (Some of this is true.) I never take into account how much that can go wrongContinue reading “Last Thursday”

Old Kelly

This was Originally posted May 21 2008 This prompt comes from Mur Laferty’s “News From Poughkeepsie” series. Old Kelly had been in prison for so long that she didn’t even remember why she was there, but when the King summoned her from her dark cell, he reminded her. Download and listen to Audio forContinue reading “Old Kelly”

Mister Johnson – The Very minor god.

character sketch Monday: Alexandra is a strange girl. When she was born, so was her personal god – Mister Johnson. This was no guardian angel, but an actual god came into being. The God of Alexandra. She would hold no gods before him, and she would pray to, worship, and sacrifice to him. He hadContinue reading “Mister Johnson – The Very minor god.”

Less than for Keeps

Anything Goes Sundays: Imagine an alternate Playing For Keeps (released August 25! ) universe where there are no heroes, just people with really lame superpowers. As the most powerful people in town, they form factions/gangs. The city falls into a somewhat lame, yet terrifying, gang-driven world. The New from Poughkeepise Day # 75 Less thanContinue reading “Less than for Keeps”