Runing late – Again!

Not to worry, Great Hites #30 is still on it’s way. This has been a very busy week for me this week. I will try to get the new stories out tonight.


Changed look

As you can see I have changed the look of the site. Let me know what you think about it. The picture is one that my father took while we were growing up, just after we moved to Germany, it was on of those trips that changed our out look on life. Besides, old castles make me think of good stories.



Just like I suggested that you should vote in recent election, I ask that you vote again… But this time for one of the stories. I know last week there was no voting but, this week there are two stories. Please take a moment a vote for your favorite, leave a comment or if you are so inclined take a look at the prompt for the coming week and write a story. Don’t be left out.

Video Book Give Away

You are going to get two meta-posts in a week but this was something that I could not pass up.

Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite authors, has taken things to the next level. Like some of the podcasters who are giving their books away via podcast, he his doing nightly readings one chapter at a time, then streaming the video recording, and giving it away for free. You can find this at his website Mouse Circus. Go out and take a look. I think it will be worth your time. Also here is an article about the book give away, with a short interview.

LIfe happens

Today’s story is going to be late. I could share the whole story, but the short of it is that life gets in the way so I don’t have my story done yet, and I figured it was better not to try to rush it. I don’t have any challenge stories so…

I will entertain entries into this weeks contest for an extra day, so if you are just like me and haven’t finished your story by the deadline you have an extension. Monday night at midnight. As I got the question recently, I am eastern but I will accept midnight, your local, or mine which ever one gives you the best advantage.

Little mistake

I am sorry, I made a little mistake. If you were using the feed yesterday and got the “new” story, you will notice that it was the same one as last week. I was copy and pasting and didn’t check my work carefully enough and you got last weeks audio. My Fault. It has since been corrected, and you can now click on either link on the page to get this week’s audio. Again I am sorry!

– Jeff