AKA Hair – Interview

I took some time to talk to our oldest two daughters about their side business working for Lillia Rose, that they call AKA Hair. They shared with us some of their secrets and let us know about their future plans. AKA hair youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ68r3UMCsTPpHV4MoT5GDQ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AKA-Hair-327250044802704 Videos mentioned: French Braid Flower https://youtu.be/XXhjkGETbMQ BloopersContinue reading “AKA Hair – Interview”

Defining moments – J.R. Murdock

After being invited to a military retirement ceremony where the retiree talked about the defining moments in his career that shaped his life, I thought it would be interesting to ask other people about their defining moments. Many of these will be very personal, some of them will mean nothing to anyone but the personContinue reading “Defining moments – J.R. Murdock”

Blog Hop – TAG – Zachary Ricks

As I said in my last post I would be tagging two other authors in the blog hop thing.

The first of those two authors is my friend and co-founder of Flying Island Press, Zachary Ricks.

Blog Hop – Writing Process – Interview

In all fairness. At this point I don’t have that much of a farm, our sheep have all been turned into food, or given back to their owners, and we just have chickens who really don’t take much work, but the sheep are coming back, and there is always the chance that we could fall off the grid at some point and go “full time farmer,” as my kids say. But back to the question.

Gypsy In The Attic – Interview

Recently I was interviewed by my good friend and Arch Nemesis Laura Nicole for her podcast / vodcast Gypsy In the Attic. The interview was myself and My good friend Zachary Ricks. We talked Flying Island Press, Audio production, podcasting and the future of our works in audio form.