Keeping Track

One thing that I have noticed over the years is that the older I get the more I seem to have to keep track of, and the harder that can be at time. Ok I will pause here for you to insert your jokes about me getting old…. Ok out of your system? Good. SoContinue reading “Keeping Track”

What is a Little Hot Water

When I was young I remember watching The Bill Cosby routine about the birth of his first daughter. Even when I was young the routine was pretty darn funny. Granted when I was that young many of the jokes went right over my head. It took me years to get the bit about, “She ToldContinue reading “What is a Little Hot Water”

A letter to the Bishop.

Well post #3 on my new blog and I am probably going to ruffle some feathers. That didn’t take long. If you don’t know already I live within the Diocese of Rochester. We are a troubled Diocese. If you have any doubt of that you only need read a few of the posts on CleansingContinue reading “A letter to the Bishop.”

Working out the Kinks of the First Post

Well folks, I have had this site up and open to the public for a number of days, and still have yet to write a first post. That first post on a blog is always the hardest. I mean it very quickly get’s buried, but it really sets the tone for the site. Well, IContinue reading “Working out the Kinks of the First Post”