Mother Nature’s Final Exam

Mother Nature’s Final Exam Mother Nature Cover

A new short story from me.

Death, the ultimate of headmasters, has a test for Mother Nature. If she passes she will finally get that finally piece to her project, but if she fails it could mean the end to all life in the system.

Nature stood, her arms to her sides, on the edge of the eternal field high above creation and waited. This was the third time in a month she had been called here and she was getting pretty darn tired of it. It was not like she had all the time in the world. She really did have things to do, papers to write, undergrad tests to grade and articles that her colleagues were begging her to read and get back to them about. It seemed unfair that she had to keep coming out here.

Pick up a copy of it today:
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If you send me the receipt from this book I will send you a code to get one of my other stories for Free.

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