7 Things you didn’t know Part 5

I was not tagged in one of those, “Tell so many things about yourself that other people might not know” posts, so it is likely that no one really cares. It also means that because I didn’t get tagged I won’t actually do it on Facebook. But it looked kind of fun so I thought I would share some things that you might not know about me.

Number 5

I am basically a lazy person. To give a perfect example, this was supposed to be a week long series, I would write one a day for a week and then I would be done. Then Friday rolled around and no post, Saturday and Sunday too. So here it is Monday again and I am finally getting back to this.

Writing posts is not the only thing that I am lazy about. Take for example the heater in my car. I have one of those cars with a automatic adjusting heater. You set it at a temperature you want and boom it does it for you. It blows at your feet (because heat rises) when it needs to get the car warm and at your face (because cold air sinks) when it needs to get the car cool. Despite this nice feature my car is pretty old and I think it was one of the first versions that did this. So I set the thing on Auto and it figures out what it needs to do. The problem is that once the car gets warm enough (or more likely too warm,) it starts blowing cold air in your face.
Now I am a person who gets cold quickly. So in the winter cold air in my face is not a good thing, but I am lazy, and instead of adjusting it to point at the windshield or the floor I suffer the cold, because I don’t want to take it off automatic, because what happens when it gets cool in here again and it wants to turn the heat back on. I mean then I would have to adjust it again. And I can’t do all this adjusting. Never mind that, that is exactly what I have done the rest of my life and in every other car that I have ever had. I just can’t do all that.

See what I mean lazy!

Here are some other ways that I am lazy:

  • I make coffee at home even though it means that I have to get up at about 4 am on the weekends that I have to work, because stopping for coffee would just be too much work.
  • I get up before my wife every day because our rule is last one out of bed makes the bed.
  • I have figured out how to get the sheep to follow me with just a hand full of grain rather than “driving them” before me because man that is just too much work.
  • Some times I have ramen at work because going out to lunch is just too much.
  • I let the kids lay on me and around me while I try to nap on the couch because even if I don’t get as much sleep, getting them to get off me for ten minutes is not worth the effort.
  • Some times I tuck my boot laces in, instead of tying them.
  • I write posts for my blog when I have work on my stories to do. 🙂
  • I guess I should work on that last one.


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