7 Things you didn’t know Part 2

I was not tagged in one of those, “Tell so many things about yourself that other people might not know” posts, so it is likely that no one really cares. It also means that because I didn’t get tagged I won’t actually do it on Facebook. But it looked kind of fun so I thought I would share some things that you might not know about me.

Number 2

100_4956My wife and I have ten kids. No, that isn’t it. I know most of you already know that. What might be new to you is how I feel about it. Sometimes I still feel like I am “Playing House.”

We have lived in 5 different states, moved 7 times and owned 3 houses. We have a mortgage, bills to pay, a budget that we have to stick to, I have had a steady job for something upwards of 15 years. We have kids, (lots of them) we are raising sheep and chickens, and have two dogs and a cat and yet I still some times feel like it is not real, or that I am not really grown up.100_4923

I am nearly 40 (just one year away) and remember looking at my father when he was 40 and thinking he was an adult. I am an adult. I try to act like one, I try very hard to treat other people like they are, but when it comes right down to it, I don’t always feel like I am. Like I said some times it feels like I am playing house.

It is not something that I feel all the time. On those days when I am really stressed out I don’t feel that way. On those days it really feels real, but there are days when none of it does.


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2 thoughts on “7 Things you didn’t know Part 2

    1. That is a way of looking at it that I had not thought of. I always kind of thought that I was not doing something right because I felt that way. Thanks

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