I am Back In my Running Shoes Again – Sort Of

Photo on 11-11-13 at 7.22 PMLast week, on the worst possible day for it to happen, I sprained my ankle. I have been working hard all summer to get into and stay in shape. Every time I managed to make some progress I got hurt. Well it happened again.

But now I am glad to report I am back in running shoes. Wait Mom, don’t panic. While I am wearing them I am not running again, but they are more comfortable than my dress shoes, and designed to help prevent me from twisting my ankle again.

When I was in college, I was extremely stupid at one point and started of on a 9 mile run with the cross country team. About the 1 mile mark, I sprained my ankle. It was bad enough that the entire team stopped and wait for me to get back on my feet. Like and idiot I walked around for a couple of minutes and then we started off and finished the run. Just about every mile I would twist it again. And each time I did it the weaker it would get. Until now, It is pretty weak. I can run, but I have to be very careful. I know not to run on days when my ankle hurts and I know that even though I really want to start running again I need to let it heal.

This time I am staying off my ankle until it heals as much as I can. But at least I am back in my running shoes.

4 thoughts on “I am Back In my Running Shoes Again – Sort Of

    1. Thank John. looks useful. I will have to get one of those for next time. Hopefully by the time it got to me this time I will be all healed up.

      1. Cool, I might have to grab one on my way home since I am still in a fair amount of pain. Apparently I stretched ligaments and they take longer to heal, and even longer now that, “You’re not 19 any more Jeff.” as my wife likes to point out.

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