Remembering Isabel

isabel_with Mom and DadAs almost always happens in life, things did not turn out the way that we planned. As my wife pointed out, we make plans and God laughs.

I suppose I should back up and explain a little. For those of you who don’t know today is our daughter’s birthday. Unfortunately she was only with us for a short time, and most of that was spent trying to keep her alive. She was born And died the same day.
So we had made plans to go to Mass at our church, and then go to the Cemetery and spend some time there checking out the newly laid head stone and some time just wandering around looking at the rest of the cemetery. After that we would just spend a quite day at home with the family. (Seriously we should have known better than plan a quiet day at home.)

It started earlier this month when we learned there would be no daily Mass this week at our parish since the priest would be out of town. Not a problem we can find another Daily Mass to go to. Right! Well some how we kind of messed that up.

Then yesterday we discovered that we had a leak on the second floor of the house that was leaking into the kitchen. The water was turned off. Turns out it was a drain pipe to the sink In the master bathroom, but before we could discover and stop the leak, there was a lot of dry wall that needed to be removed. Translation there is a rather large hole in the ceiling of our kitchen right now.

I started to work on said hole this morning but things didn’t go as I had hoped and well, the work had to stop.

Off we headed to the Cemetery. Honestly this went very well. The headstone is beautiful

20131106-204807.jpg. It was great to see it.

We came home to find our sheep out of their pen. We got them back in their pen, but decided to move it since we were out there already. While we were doing so, I got tangled up in the fence and sprained my ankle.

After a while of normal maintenance we realized it was worse than normal, and required a trip to urgent care. Good news it is just a sprain and no other damage the bad new is that the trip got me a splint, and several days of “light duty.”

Back to the hole in the ceiling. Guess that won’t get fixed any time in the next few days. Something about climbing around on ladders in a splint seems like a bad idea.

It was not a bad day. I don’t want you to think that I am looking for sympathy here. Yes, we wish we could celebrate today differently, but we can’t. We are all learning to deal with that. And besides the trip to urgent care it was a pretty normal day around the house.

While we were gone to Urgent care the kids made a banana cream cake, a normal cake with banana pudding, sliced banana’s whipped cream, and crushed ‘nilla wafers over the top, and the older ones made dinner. It was good to come home to.

Our kids are happy. A little weird at times, but then they would not be our kids if they weren’t a little weird. And My wife and I are pretty happy, a little on the insane side but happy. And we are thankful. Thankful for the short time we got to spend with Isabel. Thankful for the folks who were so very helpful last year in our time of need, and the ones who have continued to be helpful since then. We are thankful for the children we have and get to hold and the ones who we only got to hold the one time.

So yes, we are saddened by this day. But I am taking it as a day to remember our little one, by spending time with the rest of her family and taking stock of everything we have.

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