Teen Dating for Girls- Part II

It was powerful enough that I wanted to repost the article that sparked my own post. Thanks again.

Theresa Thomas

Yesterday I posted the first installment of Teenage Dating for Girls, and within hours I had more than 900 hits on the article. I take it that parents find this topic important. That makes me happy! Caring parents are looking for support and encouragement! Although our individual rules may differ, we are all concerned with providing guidelines and positive, proactive experiences for our daughters. We treasure them and want to make decisions that will help them grow into happy, healthy and holy young women, wives and mothers. I think that in talking about this, sticking together (not sure exactly what that means but I’m thinking it’s that we encourage one another to be countercultural and support one another’s efforts ) , and exchanging ideas in an understanding sincere way, we can help create the culture that will enable our children’s future marriages to grow and thrive in love, holiness…

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