A Work in Progress

You might have noticed that I tend to post things here in fits and spurts. I am not going to apologize for that. I have heard that I really should pick a day and make sure that I have a post ready for that day each week, then if I have other things I want to post during the week I can do that, but at least you get something once a week. There is merit to that idea. But man I am bad at it.


Besides that takes planning, another thing that I am really bad at. As this picture clearly demonstrates, I am really kind of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy. Some times that works out pretty well, and I manage to keep things in order. Other days not so much. My wife and I have a favorite question to ask each other, “Are we having a fences up kind of day, or has Nedry already turned them off?”sheep_DSC02339

So back on topic. One of the reasons that I have not been posting a lot here lately is that I have been doing a lot of other writing. I might notice that my writing tacker has not updated in a while, and that is because I am afraid to go in there an put in that long string of zeros before I picked up my pen again. But I will hear shortly (Maybe.)

I wanted to share with you what I have been working so you know that I am not just blowing smoke, and hopefully by sharing it with you it will give me some incentive to finish them all. I mean beyond the fact that I really want to finish them.


I am working another story that is the same vein as Our Brother Joe Is Dead. While the first story was rather generic and could have been talking about several different time periods this one is a little more specific, and little more into the mind of the protagonist and, hopefully once I finish it up, a little bit longer. It has been out to a couple of beta readers and so it is in the process of re-writes. But here is a little taste. It has a working Title of The Twisting Dream.

The searing pain from the piece of humvee that had ripped through his side only got worse every time he tried to move, but now Tommy was calling to him again, and he could not let another one of his men die. He pulled himself up using the frame of the vehicle and what was left of his M-16. He had to try to get his foot out from under the vehicle. With long calming breaths he tried to control the pain, tried to will it away, tried to make it all go away.

“Lt. please help me.”

“Be quiet Tommy, I am trying.” He whispered hoarsely, “If they hear you they might come back.”

Dutifully the corporal fell silent, though Arthur could hear him whimper to himself. For a surreal moment he thought about how un-marine like that noise was.

Next I am working on a full blown story to go along with the very short short story that I wrote a couple of weeks ago called The Temp Troll and I am calling it The Further Adventures of A Temp Troll I know not the most creative of titles but heck, you have to start somewhere. So a little taste of it.

The battle was over, at least as far as his elven eyes would let him see. There was no more fighting. The two armies exhausted and both nearly wiped out. Here and there among the fallen he could spot other races, here a dwarf, there a gnome, even occasionally a man, but always dead. The great majority of course were the trolls. It appeared that they had not actually hired as many of the temp trolls as he had originally thought.

As he pondered this he heard a sound behind him. He readied himself for an attack, taking better grip on the club he had been given and the broken troll spear he’d pulled from the body of a downed troll that was still a little too long for him. But he needn’t have worried. When he judged them to be within throwing distance he whirled around and only just checked his throw in time seeing the puce and green colors of his army.

Last (well I say last but what I really mean is last thing I am really actively working on.) I am working on a story for a new anthology that Scott Roche is putting together. This, while it is Sci/fi is a little bit new to me because is it also supposed to be horror. I am a little over 3000 words in and I have not really gotten to the horror part yet, so I suspect this one might need more work, but hey so far it has been a lot of fun, and I have until the end of the month to finish it up. This one I am just calling The Return, until I come up with a better title for it. Here is the opening scene.

It was not my turn to cry. I had done that the night before, but there was something about seeing it out the windows that made it almost too much to bare. So I held it in as best I could. I was a deck officer for goodness sakes. But I understood now why people had left their posts when when first saw the Earth.

I have one more idea that I am working on, but it is going to be a longer term project, so I am putting it on the back burner until I have at least one or two of these stories out. And no I am not going to tell you what it is because then I will be tempted to work on it, and I really need to get some of these other projects done first.

So that is what is going on in my writing life at the moment. So even though I have not been posting much here, don’t think that I have not been writing at all.

Thanks for hanging with me.

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