The TempTroll

Picture 35Last week, as you more than likely know, I was out of town for business. I tend to get up very early when I am traveling so my normal morning fogged mind is even worse. As I stood in the shower willing the cobwebs away and hoping that the brown water coffee would be ready when I got out, I noticed the control for the shower said temptrol. My mind immediately kicked in to high gear. The idea of someone temping as a troll was just way too much to leave alone. I am sure I’m not the first or the last to have this thought but here is my contribution to the pile.

It took a few days to actually get it written down but here it is.

The Temp Troll

“But I am an Elf!. How can I be a troll” complained Olwe Calmcacil. “I can’t, no I won’t do it.” The idea was ridiculous.

How could an elf temp as a troll. They didn’t even have the same lineage. When he had thought about the job in the first place he had figured he would get hired as a cleaning elf or even a shoemakers helper but this?

“Look Mr. Calmcacil, I understand your reluctance. But this is a temp agency and well, this is a temp job. I know it can be hard for the high born to except hard times. But you need a job and this is what we have,” The agent had said.

Olwe replayed the conversation over in his head time and again as he stood wielding a club three times too big for him standing on the front lines of a battle about to begin. He looked up and down the line seeing many other creatures filling in the ranks. Now he began to see the irony of the situation was much deeper than he had thought.

“Temp job indeed.” he murmured to himself just before the battle cry went up around him.

By the way. Olwe Calmcacil is apparently Jeff Hite in elvish according to the Elf Name Translator.

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