Our Brother Joe is Dead.

Our Brother Joe Is Dead Cover

Every Photo Tells to The Rescue

You might have seen this post once before, and you might notice that the text of the story itself is missing. Well there is a reason for that. shortly after I posted it, one of the editors of Every Photo Tells read it and said that they liked it. (Thanks Odin) He wanted me to submit it to them. They don’t have any exclusivity clause or anything but I thought since I was submitting it somewhere I would pull it down off my site.

The Very Talented Mick Bordet did a wonderful reading of the story, that you can find below.

Thank you very much to the crew at Every Photo Tells for taking this story on. I am really grateful.

This is a piece that was fueled by my sleeping through half of Lincoln two nights ago and popping my head in every 15 minutes or so while my wife watched War Horse. By the way, both look like good movies but I can’t be sure unless I get to see them all the way through.

The title is a play on the book My Brother Sam is Dead. A book that my fifth grade teacher read to our class, and I remember really enjoying.Signing_2_photo

Our Brother Joe is Dead.

By Jeff Hite

Click Here for the Audio Version

You can also get the story in e-copy on smashwords for free until the end of August with the coupon code DQ29K. After that it will be just $.99.

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