Writing Again

Picture 35Just a short post to say that I am writing again. Not only writing but I managed to finish a story. It still needs some editing work, but I hope to finish that up today or tomorrow and then submit it to the Every Photo Tells podcast. I have had stuff published there before, so I am hopeful that they will like this one and run it.

As most of you know getting back to writing has been a rough process for me. I have been struggling with it a lot. So I am very happy that I have managed to write something. Not only did a manage to write something but I was also able to finish it. It is not the greatest thing I have ever written but it is not terrible, and in fact I think it is pretty good. I hope that people will agree.

MarsdomeHere is the picture prompt that I used as inspiration. Yes, Katharina I edited it a little to make it fit my story a little bit, but I think you will agree when you see the story that this makes sense.

I will let you know the progress of this story and if it is accepted. Now on to the next thing. What is it they say? Write, Edit Submit and Repeat.

Thanks everyone for sticking with me and thanks for those of you who have pushed me to continue.

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