I am Sick

No, I don’t have a cold, or the flu or even allergies. Well maybe, I do have an allergy but it is not what you might think. Picture 37

Life has kept me more than a little busy. There have been sheep and chickens and children and family life. They have been all been there. Most of that has always been there, and yet, I have managed to write. To say something even it was little more than nothing. But now on top of it all I am sick.

Not sick of the body, but of the mind and of the soul. I see what is happening in the country I love, and grew up believing was the greatest country in the world, and I wonder, how this could be happening.

I am not such a fool to believe that most of it is new. I am not sure a fool that I think that the government has not always been corrupt to some level. After all, fiction writers have been writing about how corrupt and dangerous the government is for decades, and we all know that there is some truth to fiction and that in some ways that truth is stranger than any fiction. What makes me sick now is to the level the corruption has reached. Those in power don’t even try to hide behind the veil of secrecy when they do these things anymore. As the new host of The Daily Show said the other day,

“You misunderstand us Mr. President, It is not that we think that you broke any laws. It is that you didn’t have to, that we think is strange.”

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