It is not That I Hate Reboots, I Just Want a New Story

It has been said that there are no original stories. There is no story that is not a derivation of some other story that has been told at least a hundred times before. This is probably true, but there are ways to take classic stories and make them new, and that is ok. Romeo and Juliet is a prime example of this. It is likely the retelling of a much older story, but then you have West Side story, that is very obviously Romeo and Juliet retold in a very new way. And that is ok.

Warning, this is where I go off the rails
things I say from here on out might be considered spoilers

You have been warned!

What I don’t like is the current trend in movies to simple take an old story and rewrite it with more action and different characters, that capitalize on the TWAK_Movie_Poster_nostalgia of the old version to get people in the seats to see the new one.

Now because I have not actually seen it, and only heard rumors, I don’t know that it is true, but I have heard that the new Star Trek Movie is a reboot of the Khan Story. If this is the case it will make me very, very sad.


Well here is the thing, in a universe as big as the Star Trek Universe, really any universe that has as much room to play in like that, why would you retell a story. I was ok with them starting the time line over again so they didn’t have to stick with Star Trek Canon. But if the time line is started over again, why are they telling stories that happened in the other time line? Why not create brand new stories. Why would you just take the old stories and rehash them. I mean basically you have this whole huge universe that you have developed before you, you don’t have to follow the old rules because you already used the cheat code of resetting the time line, why would you go back to the old stories? I just don’t get it.

transformers_the _moviegi-joeThen there are the reboots of things like GI-Joe and Transformers. Why would you bother with those. I mean we all know the story of how the Transformers came to earth and save us from the Decepticons. It was not that great of a story the first time. Yes, good when you are 5-12 but now when you look back… are we all just so eager to relive our childhood that we can’t move forward? And because the writing was not that good last time and there as not enough sex in the old ones we had to add that? Can’t we just look at new properties that have not already had their chance on the big and even some times the small screen? I guess that is what bugs me most. There are so many great stories out there that we finally have the technology to show in a great way on the big screen, why are we retelling stories that we have already seen before?

USS_Enterprise-B_in_drydockUSS_Enterprise-CHow about this, instead of retelling the Khan story why not skip the whole Nexus thing where Kirk died in such an unsatisfactory way, and give him a death we can be proud of, and then pick up with other characters in the Star Trek universe? Enterprise_NX-01Uss_Enterprise-J,_dorsal_viewI mean there were two other Enterprises between Kirk’s Day and Picard’s day, that we have only vague outlines of what happened to them, there are some prime stomping grounds for a new run at the Star Trek universe. And there are More Enterprises between the end of Picard’s timeline and The time when the temporal cold war mentioned in “Enterprise” erupts into a full scale war. You could pick any of those, and have a lot of fun with them. Don’t forget that they call it Starfleet for a reason. The Enterprise was not the only ship. Doth Voyager and DS9 proved that you could have a Star Trek Franchise without the Enterprise and still tell a good story and have the fans like it. Why did they feel like they had to retell part of that story?

I have been thinking about this a lot. There are so many great stories already told in the Star Trek Universe that would be great to flesh out things that you only ever got hints at. One of those is the story of the Enterprise C (NCC-1710-C) from Yesterday’s Enterprise That Enterprise, has a great story. A heroes sacrifice at the end, but there has got to be more to the ship’s history. If they want to Tell a continuing journey, the could build up to that point. They could also have a great way of bringing the TNG fans in by having a couple of cameos by TNG actors in much the same may they did with Leonard Nimoy for the TOS fans. That would have been ok I suppose. If you had to retell a story, why not tell one that needed some fleshing out not one that everyone already knows, and can quote from memory?

Yes this is still bothering me. Yes, I will write a review of the movie once I have seen it and I will do my very best to be fair, but right now I am just annoyed.

Updated Again

I did finally work up the courage to go see the New Star Trek movie. Here is my review of it

5 thoughts on “It is not That I Hate Reboots, I Just Want a New Story

  1. I saw the movie last weekend and I really enjoyed it. There was only one point where I thought one of the concepts borrowed from the original movie (KAAHHHNN!) was a bit too much. While Kahn’s backstory closely matches what we know from TOS, the new movie has many unique plot elements. IMHO. I’ll be interested to read your review after you see it.

    1. I think I am going to see it this weekend, maybe with the kids maybe with my wife, either way, to quote Inigo,
      “Don’t bother me with trifles. After twenty years, at last my father’s soul will be at peace. There will be blood tonight!”

      Let me also say that I have heard that it is a great movie and if you can put down your Fan rage for the two hours it takes to watch it, you will enjoy it. I do plan to try to do that. And I have no doubt that J.J. Abrams will deliver a good showing and that it will be a fun movie. Those things are not really in doubt.

      What bothers me is the property they choose. I think that is really the crux of the matter. As I said there are lots of other stories in the Star Trek Universe they could have played with that I would have been fine with them messing with. The biggest problem I have here is this. You take the one Star Trek Property that almost all of the fans agree is as good as it is going to get, and you mess with it. Even if this is not a TWOK reboot, (which I have been told it is not and I believe) you still are messing with what just about everyone agrees is a nearly perfect story. Why not tell any other story in the Star Trek Universe. Why not the story of the infamous Enterprise B, that never managed to get out from under the shadow that A it was the first one not Captained by Kirk and B was the one that “killed him.” Why not go with The Enterprise F with a whole new crew. Oh for goodness sake, if you have to reboot something reboot something that needed rebooting, Mudd’s Women, The Balance of Terror, which was a great episode but it would have contiuned on the theme from the first movie of an antagonism between Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew.

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