Writing Prompt Week 12

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Well, I almost let another week go by without posting a writing prompt. That would have been bad.

So this week’s prompt is:

You are on a colony mission to a new world. You discover a creature from an ancient race, on a the planet that was supposed to be devoid of life. It is among the last of it’s kind, but there are others. They don’t really want you on their planet, but don’t have the numbers to be able to drive you off. They do have the weapons, but using them could be as dangerous to them as it is to you and the other colonists.

6 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Week 12

  1. Geez, dude; let you go silent for a while and you run off and start being creative. (I’m shocked and awed both that you’re active and having fun being so and that you didn’t want me to know about it. I got Shane’s genes; I find things out regardless.)

    So I’m supposed to write something based on your challenge? Or I’m supposed to harangue you mercilessly until _you_ do? Just asking.

    Davey 🙂

  2. Woops; may want to un-moderate and delete my first post. I honestly didn’t realize I’d left my friend’s site and journeyed to yours. I apologize.


    1. not sure which video you are referring to but thanks. I need to get on the stick and do some more writing prompts I have missed a couple of weeks.

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