The Courage to do What’s Write – Does Tiger have the Stories?

FIPLogoI have been pretty quiet this week. That is mostly because I have been very busy with other things. Mostly the new book, but more news on that in another post.

I wrote this post for Flying Island Press, The Courage to Do what is Write – Does Tiger have the Stories? Even as I hit the publish button I realized that there were things that I left out. One of the things that strikes me as interesting, and tends to crop up on the less dark shows, (I will reference Star Trek heavily here) is that when people are happy in the future, they seem to all be atheists. Even if that is never really stated explicitly.

I honestly find this line of thinking incredibly disturbing. I know other, pretty popular Sci/fi writers have some of the same thoughts on the subject. I personally believe that there is no need for the two to be separate. For that you can even reference Father Barons Homily from this week, where through Thomas, God leaves room for science in faith.

As far as Flying Island Press goes, one of our stated goals is positive Sci/Fi. Stories that even if they don’t have a happy ending, still have leave you feeling better at the end that you did at the beginning. Stories of hope for the future. That is one of the things that I love about working For Flying Island Press, and the thing that I find most disturbing about the state of Sci/Fi on television.

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