Our Newest Saint


This is a repost from my wife’s site. At one point I had my own version of these posts, but some how it got lost. I am not going to wait for the recovery of the old site to repost them, and I just don’t have the heart to rewrite them so here you go

Isabel Rose, Our Newest Saint
For the folks who did not hear some where else, I just wanted to share that our littlest angel was born and died on Tuesday. Hard to say, harder to imagine. We are doing ok here with family and friends helping to take care of the house, cooking, and kids. I will say there is something slightly surreal about watching your husband doing cpr on your own child. We don’t know exactly what went wrong and we have decided not to pursue invasive measures to find out. We’ll have a funeral next week sometime. Please pray for our other children. The littlest ones obviously don’t notice a difference but it it hitting some of the other ones rather hard.

Isabel Rose

Born November 6th 2012
Died November 6th 2012

There will be a funeral Mass Held at St. Mary’s Parish In Holley NY
11 am Tuesday November 13th 2012
with internment to follow.

In lieu of flowers please donate to National Right Life or Birthright International

Thank you

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