What a wonderful invention. I Honestly can’t imaging a world before diapers, but it mus have been a lot dirtier and smellier. The more I look into history the more I realized that until the last century, much of the world was probably a much smellier place.

We use cloth diapers for a lot of reasons that I won’t go into here. I take some level of pride that I have been changing diapers for the last 15 years. But that brings me to my point. If there is one part of parenting that I am pretty much over it is diapers.

It is really not that bad. I take the dirty ones off, but the clean ones on, the kids are happy, the parents don’t have to smell it anymore, and life pretty much goes back to normal. So I guess I really should not complain. But there are those days.

With our youngest two stil in diapers (the older of them is potty training now) and a new baby on the way, I guess I really should not complain. Life could be worse, I could live in a time before diapers and that would be worse.

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