The 12:30 Saturday Home Depot Run

Today is the day that we normally try to get all out the work done around the house. During the summer that means that we also have outside chores to do. I don’t think that this is all that unusual.

About 10:30 I started to realize that I was going to need to go to the hardware store. The reasons don’t really matter but this time I needed a couple of things and I wanted to go drool over a new mower. During the fall the only difference would be that I would be drooling over the snowblowers. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great tractor and a great snowblower but as each season begins it never fails that something goes wrong with them. It is usually something small, but the frustration level can grow pretty quickly when you are trying to mow 3.5 acres with a push mower, or clearing a couple of feet of snow from the drive way by hand when you know the snow blower is just sitting there. So I go and drool over the things that I don’t need. But back to the point here.

As I said I realized that I needed to run to Home Depot. As I got in he car, I realized that I was covered in grass already. On top of that I smelled like gas, and more than likely I smelled like and probably looked like I needed shower. Normally I would not leave the house looking or smelling like this. But some how it is ok to go to the hardware store like this.

So I thought to myself I wonder how many people wander thought the major hardware “super” stores looking and or smelling like I did on a typical Saturday afternoon.

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