Where the heck have I been

As a bit of a companion to the post from yesterday, and because I wanted to put some of these pictures up. I decided I would tell you were I have been.

The reason I was here officially ended about 2pm Friday afternoon. So this afternoon into this evening I had some time to kill. Though I am not totally the super adventurous type, I let one of my co workers talk me into renting a bike and riding over the Golden Gate bridge. By the way I totally recommend this for anyone who is at least moderately in shape (it is a pretty easy ride) and to anyone who wants to see some incredible views.

Yes, it is a total tourist thing to do, and the “serious” cyclist will ring their bell in the most angry way they know now while they pass you, but it was an experience that I really recommend. The whole trip takes about three hours, and costs little over $40 (so not super cheap) but… you get the bike a helmet, directions, and ferry trip back from the other side, and of course some great views.

You end up right back at Pier 39 in the middle of San Francisco bay, and of course there is one more bit of natural beauty to see. The big fat sea lions.

It is was something I will remember for a long time. The bridge itself is very impressive, and if you are up to a little bit of work and you are not completely afraid of heights, the trip is completely worth it.

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