Today has not been my day

To say today has not been a good day would be an understatement. It started out well enough, we got to sleep in until about 8. Breakfast was good. Everything seemed to be going pretty normal. Then it all when south, here is a short list:
Lawn mower on fire
Bread dough left to rise and for gotten
Speeding ticket (the first one I have ever gotten)
Mow deck needing to be pulled and repaired
The gas trimmer not running right
Mower deck needing to be pulled off to be repaired again.

This list dose not include all the various bumps bruises and scrapes along the way. Luckily I am the only one injured, and really. Nothing really terrible, just not a good day.

I am thinking it might be better if I went back to bed at his point.

Wish me luck folks.


2 thoughts on “Today has not been my day

    1. I was tempted to do just that, but the rest of the day did get better so I am glad that I didn’t.

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