How to get your wife pregnant

I think I have finally figured out the mystery. So guys pay attention. Now understand this is second hand knowledge but it makes as much sense as anything else I have heard.

The other day one of my wife’s friends said she saw us holding hands and looking sweet. Then commented, “I bet I am going to get an e-mail saying she is pregnant soon.”

Sure enough my wife is pregnant. So now we know what causes that.

Holding hands and looking sweet.

so all you guys be warned.

Now I can answer the question, “you know what causes that right?”


6 thoughts on “How to get your wife pregnant

    1. Yup, we have been asked that, do you have a tv? And about a dozen other things.

      Thanks, we are very happy about it ourselves.

  1. Congrats, again, Jeff. BTW, I heard something about the local water supply. Good thing we’re on a well! 😉

    On a side note, when people ask me if I know how THAT happens I tell them, “Yes. And I’m having a lot of fun!”

    1. I have several replies depending on how surly I feel at the moment. But that is definitely one of them. When they ask if we have a TV, I ask them if the TV is really better than what we are doing? That one has some holes in it but, it usually shuts them up for a minute or two.

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