Spreading the Word

I will admit that at least in one area (probably a lot more than one but that is a topic for another post) I am bad about my faith. I am bad at spreading the word. This blog was partly so that could have a place to talk about things I do other than writing, and partly to fix that problem.

I am still not good at it. I like to talk about what I am experiencing or what is going on in my local parish, but as far as getting out here and spreading the good news I am not so good at it. So today I would like to share with to you one of my favorite websites that does a much better job that I do. The site has been on my blogroll and my Catholic Resources Links for a while.

As Micheal Voris says, this is not for everyone. He (or they) are straight shooters, there is not sugar coating here. So if you are not ready for that… Well this might not be for you.

He / They do a wonderful job of explaining various part of our faith, debunking myths and really getting to the heart of some of the problems in the church today.

I have embedded the video below, but I also want to include the link to the episode from their website, because Micheal talks about some links that are on that site, if you want to sample some of their other offerings.

Link to their site and today’s episode

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