I have been meaning to write a post about Easter for a few days now. I had honestly planned to write one before Easter, but well that just didn’t happen. What is done is done so I’m working on it now instead.

I wanted to talk about my Easter experience but I think I want to talk about change. You see last year during holy week I attended every Mass / Service. As cool as that sounds and as much as it might sound like I am bragging or something, it was not of my own doing.

The truth is that my oldest two sons are to thank / blame. They both love to serve on the alter so when the lists for the extra Masses go up for Lent / Easter and Advent / Christmas it is hard to keep them from signing up for all the slots. Last year however, as the days grew short and no one else was signing up they ended up serving at every Mass for holy week. In case you are wondering, yes I am very proud of them for their service and hard work and have some hopefully not unfounded hopes that one of them might hear that call. See yesterday’s post, or Father M. N. post about being a priest during lent.

At the time having them at every Mass was kind of hard. We have several little kids who quickly get rambunctious in church and so we didn’t go to each one as a family. So it meant that I went to Mass either only with the kids who were serving (only once) or with a smaller all number of kids. My eldest daughter 5 at the time did go to every Mass with me and only missed out on stations Friday night. I say it was hard because it meant being at the Church a lot that week and away from home.

This year was a different story all together.

pause for root canal


now back to the regularly scheduled blog post

This year, as I said was different. I was a away for a good part of Holy week, and when I got back from my trip, I was totally exhausted. We didn’t end up making it to anything until Stations of the Cross on Friday and then, Mass on Easter Morning.

It is not that unusual to only go to those two, but honestly after the previous year, I really felt like I was missing something. It was kind of an odd feeling to have but there it was. As much as it felt odd to have that feeling, I kind of look at it as a good thing. I mean I would rather have the feeling like I am missing something, than feel like I am going too much.

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