Back on the Wagon (not that wagon)

The day I started this site the goal was that I would post everyday, even if they were only really short updates. The three days passed before I posted the first post. So I am not doing so great with that. I got on a roll last week, and then I got utterly knocked down due to illness. I am still working on it. So Let me give you a quick update of what is going on in my life

The family and I are on the road to recovery. My wife is still sick, and several of the kids are not on antibiotics, but I think that we are finally on the mend.

I have made some progress on two of the stories that I am working on. One (part of the Cradle Universe more on that soon) I am just doing editing on, and the other one is a new story that I am trying to finish up for Every Photo Tells

Being sick the last week and a half means that now I have a backlog of slush to read for both Flying Island Press and The Mad Scientist Anthology. Honestly reading slush is one of my favorite parts of either of those jobs. So as much work as it is, it is not a bad thing.

Last week I finally sent my letter to the Bishop. I have thus far gotten exactly the response I expected from that letter, nothing. It has really only been a couple of days so I don’t really expect anything yet. I did send a copy to the priest at the parish in question, since he was the one who insisted that I contact the bishop in the first place. I have heard nothing from him either. I am debating sending a copy to the Pastoral administrator, just to see if I get a response. But then again that is not the point. The point is to make affect a change, not to get people angry.

So that is what I have been up to since last week.

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