Daily writing Prompts #3

Those of you who know me, knew that I could not go on forever without giving writing prompts. They are like little rabbits in my head and they multiple if I leave them alone for too long. Well I left them alone too long, and now there are tons of them.

Pirate’s Cove is now offering a prompt a day (for as long as I can keep them up.) subscribe here, or just come by the site and check them out.

todays prompt:

Pluto sat with his back turned to Eris, a dangerous thing to be sure, but since she was asleep he figured it was a risk he could take. He carefully opened her date book and thumbed to tomorrow’s date. Just for once he wanted to know what kind of day he should plan for.

These prompts are not part of any on going contest at Pirate’s Cove or Flying Island Press, but you might get some extra points if you submit a story that is based on one of our prompts. Flying Island Press

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