Prompt suggestions

I am now opening up the floor for Writing prompt suggestions.

Here is the way this works. Normally I pick a topic over the weekend and post it on Monday or Tuesday. I have been leaning pretty heavily on other people asking friends for topics things like that for the last few weeks, so I thought I would open it up.

If you would like to submit a topic here is what you need to do.

1. Send me the topic, e-mail, twitter, leave a comment, voice mail whatever way you want.

2. The topic HAS TO BE PG rated

3. Once I get the topic I will let you know if I will use it. By the way, this is your opportunity if you have trouble writing a story in a week, if I accept your topic you will have until I use it to get a story written. You will have the advantage. The chance to get a really good story written and polished and everything.

Topics can be as long or as short as you you like. (if you want to see ones I have used in the past look at posts labeled with “Creative Writing Prompts”)

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